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Privacy Policy

1. We respect your privacy. This page sets out our policy on the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in connection with the Site. We may amend this policy (and any other clause of the Terms and Conditions policy or the Disclaimer policy) at any time. By using the Site, you agree to our use of your personal information in accordance with this policy.

2. It is necessary for us to collect personal information from users of our Site, and from other persons who contact us from time to time in order to provide and administer the Site. For example, we require users to provide us with their name and email address when registering on the Site. The majority of personal information we collect relates to registered users of our Site. We may collect personal information if it is provided to us via our Site, via email, by telephone, via application forms or other means.

3. Currently the personal information we may collect about users of our Site includes the user’s name, telephone number, email address and billing address (although the supply to us by a user of a telephone number is optional).

4. We also collect contact details from persons who contact us with enquiries as to the Site, and when we are otherwise conducting marketing exercises using publicly available information. However, to the extent reasonably practicable we will only collect personal information about an individual directly from that individual.

5. We use reasonable steps to protect personal information we hold from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We also maintain physical security measures in our commercial premises.

6. We will not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to anyone outside of our company, unless it is legally required, such information is assigned or transferred in connection with the sale, merger, reorganisation or consolidation of our assets or our capital stock, or such disclosure is required to protect the safety of employees, customers or property. Personal information we collect, use or disclose may also be for all or any of the following purposes:

  1. in order to process an application for registration on our Site;
  2. in order to identify you when we are contacted with questions or concerns regarding our Site and the functionality we provide on the Site;
  3. when registered users of the Site seek our technical support;
  4. when conducting research and development of the Site;
  5. when providing information to our legal, accounting or financial advisors/representatives for our business purposes;
  6. when receiving an application for a report from a user and when sending a report to a user;
  7. when contacting you to ask you questions about your application or the goods, items, facilities or person(s) you have applied, or wish to apply, for us to view and report on; or
  8. where required by law.

7. In addition to the above situations, we may also need to disclose personal information to enforcement bodies for any of the following reasons:

  1. the prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution or punishment of criminal offences, breaches of a law imposing a penalty or sanction or breaches of a prescribed law;
  2. the enforcement of laws relating to the confiscation of the proceeds of crime;
  3. the protection of the public revenue;
  4. the prevention, detection, investigation or remedying of seriously improper conduct or prescribed conduct; or
  5. the preparation for, or conduct of, proceedings before any court or tribunal, or implementation of the orders of the court or tribunal.

8. If you refuse to provide us with your name and email address you cannot use the Site.

9. To minimise the risk of us disclosing a user’s personal information to a third party for any reason other than those reasons set out in clauses 6 and 7, it is our policy to only communicate with the registered user in relation to a user’s queries about an order placed via the user’s account on the Site. Accordingly, we will not communicate with a representative of the user.

10. To ensure that we only obtain, collect, use and disclose accurate, complete and up to date personal information, we invite you to update your details on the Site if they change.