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FAQs for Contractors

Getting started

As a Go To Guy, you will be engaging with the public at the owners' premises, so it is imperative that we know who is conducting our business and that we can confidently send those individuals to any GoTo without compromise. It is therefore part of our process to be advised of any criminal history you may have during the application process, so that we can assess the impact of that information. In some cases, and randomly, we may elect and seek consent to conduct a Criminal History Check on a contractor and the Go To Guy Network will pay for that check to be carried out.

Go To Guy Network customers have the ability to provide feedback via the website to grade the service given, not unlike the scoring system utilised by eBay. This 1-5 star rating system will apply to each Go To Guy and will be one method by which the Go To Guy is enabled to gain work in the future.  Go To Guy Network administration will also review each report to ensure all aspects of the report are satisfactory. However, it is only the customer that can provide feedback as to the accuracy and worth of each report, so their grading will be very important . Any adverse grading (2 stars or less) will be investigated to assess its validity and the associated contractor payment will be delayed until we resolve the issue.

We are striving to minimise paperwork and the Go To Guy dashboard will provide all user functions from the application to be a Go To Guy through to the lodgment of GoTo reports online. Obviously, there are electronic forms to complete as part of the GoTo report, but it is our goal to make this as easy as possible for the Go To Guy to produce a professional report on any item or subject. As an Independent Contractor, you will also be required to provide the Go To Guy Network an invoice for the work performed to claim your fee.  This is an important step that we assist you with by providing an automated invoicing system as part of the submission process for each GoTo. We raise your invoices for you to submit to us if that makes sense! You simply have to check the invoice details to make sure they are correct and the rest is done by the website.

It is not the intent of the Go To Guy Network to skill match GoTo’s to a specific Go To Guy. Go To Guy applicants will be invited to list their educational qualifications, personal skills or vocational interests for the future of the business when it may be pertinent to select the right Go To Guy for a given task. Go To Guys have access to their profile in order to update their personal and skill level details as required. Initially however, it will be a ‘first in best dressed’ situation as to who gets each GoTo as it is posted, and no preferences will apply.

We will provide correspondence to all contractors when the Contractor Agreement changes in a significant or material manner.  The Contractor Agreement, as available on our website at all times,  will remain as the master contract for all Go To Guy Contractors and is to be acknowledged during the claim process for each GoTo.   Contractors are advised to remain current with its content at all times. 

Basically yes. Engagement as a Go To Guy independent contractor is a merit based system whereby a prospective Go To Guy will be evaluated against the company need, ability and locality. It is highly likely you will be given the opportunity to become a Go To Guy, however it is not guaranteed. You will need to meet a few basic criteria and pass a simple test.  More information about becoming a Go To Guy, including a comprehensive Contractor Help Guide and online application,  is available on our website.

Yes, but only through our tutorial material provided on our website.  As a Go To Guy, it is assumed you have a level of self-sufficiency,  general knowledge and most importantly, commonsense. Your ability to use the internet, take photos and liaise with the customer is part of the baseline skill set we expect when you apply to be a Go To Guy.  The GoTo Task forms are self explanatory and set out all the items that you are to check or photograph during the course of the GoTo.  We are also happy to answer questions at any stage so it is as easy as calling to clarify a situation should the need arise.

Girls and guys can be Go to Guys in this day and age. Any task can be accepted by any Go To Guy, irrespective of who they are. It's simply up to the Go To Guy to make the decision if a GoTo is for them or not.


There are no allowances paid for travel for the Go To Guy as is the case in most styles of self-employment – you need to get to work as such.  It is therefore up to the Go To Guy to decide which tasks suit them and the distances they are prepared to travel for the fee. In the extenuating circumstance where a Go To Guy is not active in a given location that has a task, we may elect to offer the task to the next closest Go To Guy which may attract an additional fee for the distance travelled, but this is not a travel allowance as such.

The Go To Guy Network will utilise an automatic invoicing system that will take the fuss out of the payment process.  Upon completion of each GoTo, our web-based system will automatically produce a contractor invoice for the task performed. This system is designed to save you the hassle of having to design and generate your own invoices. You will merely need to review and submit the generated invoice to our system by simply pressing a button to commence the payment process.  You will be paid automatically via direct debit into your nominated account between 8-14 days after the GoTo report is posted online. This payment will only be withheld if a complaint is posted by the customer that cannot be resolved within 7 days.

There are no joining or registration fees to become a Go To Guy.  However,  as you would expect,  we require you to provide your own transport, digital camera, phone, access to the internet and any other tools you may require to perform the GoTo tasks.

It is worthwhile investigating your personal taxation position in relation to the expenses that can be attributed to your Go To Guy Contractor activity.  Like any employment, costs that are incurred to create an income may be claimed against your taxation and therefore costs such as fuel, car maintenance, computer depreciation, internet costs, and possibly home office expenses for your Go To Guy activities, may well be legitimate expenses to be claimed back at tax time.  Please ensure you obtain professional legal advice in respect to this information as it needs to pertain to your personal situation – the information provided here is only a guide.

Due to the task based and discretionary acceptance nature of the Go To Guy Network service, all Go To Guys will be engaged as an Independent Contractor under the guidelines of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). In basic terms this means the Go To Guy Network is not responsible for withholding any tax requirement from payments made to the contractor, nor are we responsible for any leave, superannuation, insurance or sickness benefits for the Go To Guy. These issues will be the responsibility of the Go To Guy. We will require you to submit an Australian Business Number (ABN) when you apply to be a Go To Guy, and we can provide you with all the details that you require to obtain an ABN should you not have one. This process is simple and can be completed online at If you need further information about Independent Contractors, please visit the ATO at to find out all you need.

Each GoTo email alert contains the Go To Guy fee information, along with the task details,  for that GoTo. It will be up to the Go To Guy to decide whether they are prepared to perform the task for that fee before any commitment is required. As a guide, the most basic GoTo will attract a fee for the Go To Guy of approximately $30 for a 15 minute onsite activity and will increase on a sliding scale dependent on the additional options the customer requests. Each task will be different, and therefore the fee's associated with each task will vary depending upon the GoTo.

As a guide, the most basic of GoTo’s require approximately 15 mins onsite to complete the GoTo report and take 10 photos. We envisage there will be approximately 15 minutes required to complete the report online and to upload  the associated photos. This component of the task can be completed off site if required (unless you have a mobile device) and for this completed GoTo you will be paid $30, or approximately an hourly rate of between $50 to $60.  Please note we do not pay hourly rates for any Go To Guy task, as the time taken on any GoTo is governed by the Go To Guy. If there are any special requirements, these will add to the fee the Go To Guy will receive.

Choosing your area

You are free to change your location of operation and Cast Net areas as often as you like through the Go To Guy Dashboard on our website. You can suspend your activity should you wish to take a break from Go To Guy Network work, or alternatively update your locality should you move or take a working holiday. Your Primary and Secondary Cast Net areas can also change as you become more attuned to your ability to service the area. Don't forget, you can effectively monitor two locations for available GoTo’s thereby enabling you to expand your area of operation in a specific area or preplan your work as you travel around the country.

Yes, all you need is a valid Australian address and a nominated Cast Net and you are in business - it can be a caravan park, friends house or simply the location in which you are travelling to if you like! You are free to move to any location you chose once you have become an approved contractor.

Maybe. The Go To Guy Network has the capacity to have multiple Go To Guys in any given location or postcode. City centres have the capacity for many Go To Guys to cater for demand. In the case of a regional town, it may well be possible to be the only Go To Guy operating in that area, but that is not guaranteed.

In order to provide our Go To Guys with flexibility and multiple postcode coverage, our system will let you nominate a Primary and Secondary Cast Net, both of which make up your area of operation. Any GoTo which is posted within a Go To Guy’s area of operation will be available for them to claim in competition with any other Go To Guy’s in the area.

Go To Guys can nominate a radius of operation of up to 100km from their Primary and or Secondary Cast Net address. That’s an area of over 31000 square kilometres so we think that will give you more than enough coverage.  Should you wish to operate in a smaller area and only have one Cast Net, you are welcome to set your Primary cast net to the minimum of 10 Kms and away you go. 

Getting work

An GoTo alert email will be sent to each Go To Guy whose Primary or Secondary Cast net covers the GoTo location itself. Your Contractor Dashboard on the Go To Guy Website will have further details of the GoTo for you to review and claim should you chose. This process will benefit those Go To Guys that can view their email on a portable device enabling them to be alerted, review and claim the GoTo whilst on the move.

Some GoTo's may well be suited to some Go To Guys rather than others, and we understand that.  However, the service is designed to enable Go To Guys with all the essential attributes to be suitable for all tasks. You are not required to have any special, technical or trade knowledge to perform any of the GoTo's that are offered by the Go To Guy Network.  It remains up to the Go To Guy to chose the GoTo that best suits them, and it is not mandatory for you to accept any task at all. You can therefore chose those that suit you at all times.

Absolutely. We will alert you of the GoTo's availability and the sufficient details of the task. You then have the opportunity to accept each task upon its merit and your interest. Should you choose not to do a task, simply don’t claim it. It’s that easy.

The simple answer is no. The Go To Guy Network is not a competitive bidding arrangement. When we state that the tasks are in competition with other Go To Guys in the area, we mean that they are in a ‘first in, best dressed' style of competition.  The GoTo will be posted with a fixed fee via email to all ‘active’ Go To Guys in the area. The Go To Guys then have the ability to claim the task or not.  As you will appreciate, the first Go To Guy to claim the GoTo will get it, and there is no ability for Go To Guys to bid with a lower price.

It is in the best interest of the Go To Guy to be alert and active to increase their chances of obtaining a task. We believe all active Go To Guys will have adequate opportunities to secure the work they want due to factors like: the times they are looking for work, their availability to complete the task, the style of task they like, etc.  All these factors will ensure that not all Go To Guys will try to claim each task as it is posted, but it will pay to remain alert to ensure you have the best opportunities.  Monitoring your email closely, either via a mobile device or at home, will ensure you get adequate time to assess each task as it arises. 

You will need to advise Go To Guy Head Office immediately so alternative arrangements can be made for an alternative Go To Guy to complete the task.  If inadequate notice or insufficient explanation is provided regarding your inability to complete the task, your service as a Go To Guy Contractor may be terminated. Our policy is to refund the customer the fee in full for tasks that are not completed, so it is not in anyones interest for a task to fail completion.

It is expected the process in which the GoTo’s are claimed by the Go To Guy will regulate who takes each task. For example, some Go To Guys may prefer to do motor vehicle related inspections and identity GoTo's, whilst some may prefer to do location and furnishing GoTo’s.  However,  any Go To Guy can carry out any available activity they chose as there is no restrictions to what you can claim and what you cant. Ultimately it is up to the Go To Guy at all times to decide which tasks they attempt to claim or don't.

On the job

The GoTo Report form will spell out what you are required to do for each inspection including any special requirements. The GoTo Report form is tailored to the actual task you are to perform and contains appropriate fields for you to add information or comment.  All that is required from there is to answer all the questions on the form and any complete any special requirements that are stated in the GoTo.

The Go To Guy Network does not have a formal uniform which Go To Guys are required to wear. Essentially you must wear the Official Go To Guy photo ID (provided after being approved) at all times whilst conducting Go To Guy activities.  We only request that you wear neat casual attire with no torn garments, singlets or thongs - a full description is provided in our Contractor documentation . Remember, your safety is your responsibility, so your need to dress appropriately. Any customer reports regarding unacceptable attire will be taken seriously. In the future, we intend to introduce a range of Go To Guy Network clothing should you wish to wear company branded attire.

Yes, we require you to present and wear a Go To Guy Photo ID where it can be easily seen when engaged in work activities. Your identification card image will also be printed on the GoTo report to ensure that the correct Go To Guy is engaged to complete the service onsite. This enables the point of contact at the site of the GoTo to cross reference your ID with the GoTo Task report.

Well the answer can be complex here, but generally no. You may be asked to prepare an item for transport, such as an item of furniture, which may entail packaging the item ready for a freight company to pick up.  This will all be at an additional fee for the Go To Guy. If you are so inclined and have the ability to do basic transport yourself, there is no reason why you can’t accept a task of that nature as a Go To Guy. Again, the acceptance of any task is up to you. So if you are happy to facilitate the logistics, you can – if you think you can do the task yourself because it is well within your means, you can too. Again, you are always in control.

Yes, as a Go To Guy and Independent Contractor,  you will need to provide any equipment that is required to complete the task. In general terms this will include transport, camera, phone and computer requirements to access the web and prepare the GoTo reports. You may also need a torch, measuring tape and anything else that you think is required to complete the GoTo's you claim.

For your own safety, no.  To ensure your protection against confusion and improper dealings that may impact your ability to be a Go To Guy in the future, all work or changes to the existing task are to be directed to the Go To Guy Network Head Office.  We will ensure that you are guaranteed your payment at all times so it is essential that you do not engage with the customer without our knowledge.

You will need to contact Go To Guy Head Office and advise us of the problems immediately as the clock is ticking. We understand that sometimes things can go wrong, but once claimed, it is assumed that the contractor will complete the task within the given timeframe.   We will investigate the issue and attempt to reassign the GoTo if time permits. In the worst case scenario,  we will have no choice but to cancel the GoTo and refund the customers payment.  This outcome is to be avoided for everyone's benefit.

Calling it quits

If you would like to suspend you activity for any reason, you can simply deactivate both your Primary and Secondary Cast Net's in your Contractor Dashboard. This will leave you as an approved Go To Guy, but ensure that you are not sent any alerts whilst the Cast Nets remain inactive.  Simply reactivate the Cast Nets in the dashboard when you wish to recommence activity.