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How it Works

Scenario #1: Order an inspection

You find something online that you’d like to buy but...

  • How do you know it is being portrayed honestly?
  • How do you know you’re not being scammed?
  • How do you know it actually exists?
  • How can you find out more information?
  • How can you check it out if it’s in another city?

1. You tell us what you need done, plus when and where to go.

GoTo’s cost $75, unless you need extra photos, video or super fast delivery.

2. We send a Go To Guy in to get the job done.

We have Go To Guys ready to help right across Australia.

3. You receive an independent report on the item.

Now you can purchase with peace of mind.

Scenario #2: Order another kind of task

You have a task that needs doing...

  • Document pickup and delivery.
  • Witness the packing of items being delivered to you.
  • Simple domestic tasks like walking your dog or collecting the mail.
  • Check up on relatives you may be concerned about.
  • Attend public meetings on your behalf.

1. Describe what you need done and by when.

From walking the dog to document delivery, our Go To Guys have the necesssary skills.

2. We’ll quote you on the job.

Accept the quote, make payment and the work begins.

3. We send a Go To Guy to get the job done.

We’ll notify you as soon the task is complete. Easy.