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Frequently Asked Questions

A Standard GoTo will cost $75 inclusive of GST.  For this price we will travel to the item of interest, report on the leading particulars and condition of the item, person, property or place and provide 10 digital photographs within 72 hours of you placing the order. Should you require additional photographs, video or for us to witness a working demonstration, that will cost extra - but not much.  Should you require the task be completed in less than 72 hours, simply request a priority service to ensure you get the information as soon as possible.

It is as simple as completing the GoTo order form on the website which should take approximately 2 minutes if you have the necessary information at hand. We ask questions regarding the item,  point of contact details and what you require from us whilst onsite.   We will handle all the rest and provide you with a professional GoTo report without you having to leave home or spend time and money to see an item that doesn't meet your requirements.

To reduce risk when you purchase sight unseen in a nutshell.  We have Go To Guys all over Australia that are ready and willing to carry out GoTo’s for you to ensure your purchasing experience is as risk free as possible. You can now focus Australia wide for that item you are looking for rather than trying to buy within your physical reach.  No longer do you need to take chances with being ripped off or simply disappointed.

No, we can basically assist you with any number of tasks that could require someone in a location that you cannot be.  It could be as simple as walking your dog whilst you are on holidays, or measuring up an item that you want to purchase just to make sure it fits. We can wrap and pack an item ready for shipment – no sense buying something that you struggle to get home, so we can help.  We can attend a meeting on your behalf if need be, or simply be somewhere that you don’t want to be for whatever reason. You just need to ask.

Simple, we have a quotation process where you tell us what details you have about the task and we will give you a quotation to do that task. We may need to ask a few questions along the way, but all you need to do is fill out our Request for Quotation form on the website and we will swing into gear and provide you with a very reasonable quote to perform just about any task.

When you have a specific request, you simply need to tell us when you complete the GoTo Order form.  This is called a Special Requirement, and as long as it doesn’t entail any significant change to our normal process, we will be happy to assist. A good example is photos and the angles that you wish to obtain during your GoTo.  You may only be interested in the internal photos of a house you are looking to rent so we are happy to concentrate on the internal area only to assist you.  Special Requirements are the best way to ensure you get what you want from the Go To Guy service, so it pays to ask.  If you ask for something that is outside our ability or sould be requested for additional cost (such as video), we will contact you to advise you of the way forward.

Absolutely. There are many different triggers for someone to require remote assistance in a location. It may well be to check on a sick relative, look at some water damage for a landlord in a rental property, or simply hand deliver something to a hard to get to place. The online market is the traditional area that requires this style of service, but the application of this service is only limited to the imagination of the consumer, so as we say, you could be doing anything, anywhere at anytime as a Go To Guy. Previously, when you wished you knew someone in a location that could help you do something, now you do with the Go To Guy Network. Once again, you can choose not to take on certain GoTo’s if you don’t feel comfortable.

Quotations or Special GoTo's work very similarly to Standard GoTo's, in that they are processed in the same manner.  However, the task itself could be completely different to a verification style activity.  If a GoTo requires something complex like the packaging of a furniture item for freight for example, the Go to Guy may be offered several hundred dollars to complete the task. Again, that fee information will be provided to the Go To Guy well before any commitment is made. As you can see, there are different ways to engage as a Go To Guy, and the variation of GoTo could be limitless.