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Garry Harding

As the CEO and founder of the Go To Guy Network, I saw the opportunity to create a service that filled that uncomfortable void at the front end of the eCommerce experience. Through bitter experience, I managed to find myself in Melbourne after 10 hours of travel with my trusty trailer, only to find I had purchased a worthless commercial refrigerator and broken icemaker. I was in the process of establishing a restaurant, and relied heavily on the internet to purchase expensive equipment in remote locations. As I discovered in one exercise, the savings in buying second-hand equipment are completely outweighed by the risk of purchasing badly, and I would like to think I knew what I was doing.

With a simple and unbiased report of these items, I would have made a completely different decision and save what would turn out to be thousands of dollars. Just to rub the salt in, I later sold the fridge for $70 after a purchase price of $1250 and paid for $670 worth or repairs on the icemaker. It cost me approximately $500 to get there and back and nearly 24 hrs in the car – let alone the wear and tear.  You can do the maths on this one, and I truly believe there wasn’t anything sinister in what just happened – I just made an expensive mistake.

So the concept is to stop these mistakes, and things much more sinister, with the Go To Guy Network. I feel the age of online shopping is only going to grow, and we need to have mechanisms to make that experience a good one every time.  I have built a business around this belief and I hope you benefit from using it.

After many years in the Air Force and the defence industry, I relish the challenge to create something I truly believe in with a team of smart and motivated people that share the desire to make life less complicated and risky.  Suffice to say that building a restaurant was something that I loved, but would never do again!

As our slogan says, we hope you will eliminate guesswork and engage the Go To Guy. We intend to revolutionise the eCommerce experience and negate what is a very simple, if not hard lesson to learn. I would like to think not all lessons need to be learnt firsthand.

Good Luck!

Greg Rawlinson

Being a Director and Chief Operating Officer for the Go To Guy Network has its distinct advantages. You can take a simple idea and make it work the way you believe it should. I spent 30 years at the operational end of the Australian defence aerospace industry, and have been involved in some of the most complicated processes known in the engineering world – but it is the simple concepts that are the most rewarding and fulfilling to develop and perfect.

We have focused upon an area of eCommerce that has been somewhat left to its own means to date and intend to streamline that intuitive process into what we hope is a pleasant experience for the customer and seller alike.  The Go To Guy Network is my responsibility to create and adapt to the changing needs of the customer. We feel that the need for this service is long overdue noting the growth in eCommerce and unfortunately, the associated growth in fraud and deception.

As an aerospace engineer, I appreciate the complexities of adopting cutting edge technology. Building an eBusiness with a vision to offer the largest employment opportunity for the self-employed in Australia, whilst building a sophisticated web portal, which efficiently enables all facets of the Go To Guy service, is no less complex. Building the Go To Guy Network has been a satisfying experience that we now want to share with those who not only want to explore new employment opportunities, but most of all, our clients.

My job is essentially to eliminate the guesswork and entice you to engage the Go To Guy Network. I intend to make that happen by deploying an intuitive and easy to use website. At Go To Guy, we intend to revise our processes regularly by listening to our clients and understanding the market to ensure our product not only meets your needs, but becomes a household name in the world of online shopping along the way.

And remember....Before you buy, send Go To Guy!