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  • Save Time and Money,
    Send Go To Guy

    Meet Rick. He has just travelled half way across the country to buy his dream car.

    Sadly, Rick's dream car fell well short of his expectations and cost him a whole lot of time and money travelling to carry out what should have been the exciting final on-site inspection.

    Before You Buy - Send Go To Guy
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  • Before You Buy,
    Send Go To Guy

    The Go To Guy Network provides an Australia wide, on-site inspection service for the remote consumer to verify an item and its sales pitch.

    You no longer need to worry that something is not what you think it is – the Go To Guy Network will find out for sure!

    Before You Buy - Send Go To Guy
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  • Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fraud,
    Send Go To Guy

    Online fraud and deception grows as fast as eCommerce itself.

    The Go To Guy Network enables the customer to independently check an item, person, property or place before they buy or commit further, irrespective of its location.

    Before You Buy - Send Go To Guy
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  • Eliminate Guesswork,
    Send Go To Guy

    Internet dating remains an emotional minefield for most participants. The risk of being the target of a well scripted confidence scam is increasing daily.

    The Go To Guy Network is designed to eliminate the guesswork in meeting your new partner.

    Before You Buy - Send Go To Guy
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Found something online that you'd like checked out before you buy?

Why not send a local Go To Guy and receive:

  • An independent verification of the item, person, property or place
  • A professional report with photos, video and more

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What Go To Guy will do for you

  • Australia wide coverage - shop for anything from anywhere
  • Travel to the item, property, person or place - saves time and money
  • Confirm the item actually exists - stop fraud
  • Provide you a written report - increase bargaining power
  • Provide digital photographs or video - a picture says a 1000 words
  • Quick response times - want it fast, just ask

We inspect the following categories of items and more

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  • A car inspection
    Left quoteI am very happy with my car inspection report that was carried out in Perth. I needed an ASAP service and Go To Guy did it in 5-6 hours, so and I am very impressed. They reported on things I hadn’t thought of and I would definitely recommend this service for anyone buying outside their area. This service saved me heaps, noting the cost to travel to Perth for me to inspect this car.Right quote
    Richard Brumby, Toowoomba, QLD
  • A real estate inspection
    Left quoteI needed someone to provide me with a rental property inspection in Kalgoorlie and I tried the Go To Guy Network. The Go To Guy Network gave me a fantastic report and service.Right quote
    Dr Joseph Fleming, Kununurra, Western Australia
  • A real estate inspection
    Left quotePreviously the cost to inspect interstate properties was prohibitive, but upon discovering the Go To Guy Network, I am now investing anywhere in the country. This service provides me with the information I need to make an informed decision and go to the next step. The professional and timely Go To Guy report I received for a Brisbane based property has ensured I can purchase with confidence and with no nasty surprises. I highly recommend this service. Thanks, Go To Guy. Right quote
    Robert Handley, Southern Highlands, NSW
  • A heavy machinery inspection
    Left quoteAfter finding the Go To Guy Network service, I knew I could now shop anywhere when looking for my new Bobcat. I found exactly what I wanted interstate at the price I wanted to pay. Plus I saved heaps because I did not have to travel to inspect the machine myself. This report made the decision easy and now I am back in operation without ever leaving home. Thanks.Right quote
    Noel Leonard, Woodside, South Australia